Central Vacuums

Quiet, Powerful & Efficient Central Vacuum Systems in Fredericton

As we all know, life can be messy. But with the installation of a central vacuum system from Tonks’ Vacuum Services, cleanup can be a breeze.

Effective Cleaning

In study after study central vacuum systems consistently outperform portable and upright vacuum cleaners in regards to dust and particulates emission, soil removal and sustainability.

Convenient, Lightweight Performance

The lightweight tools and ergonomic design of a central vacuum system allow you to move comfortably from room to room throughout your home, and a central vacuum system can provide up to 50% more suction power than a portable vacuum to provide consistent cleaning performance.

The Quiet Way to Clean

Because the motor for your central vacuum system is located away from the living area operation is quieter than many household noises we hear every day, making it much easier to hear a visitor at the door or listen to music while you work.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Many allergists recommend that their patients have a central vacuum system installed in their home because they are far more effective in removing pollutants from the home than portable vacuums. Unlike a portable vacuum, which can recirculate dusty air and particles, a central vacuum system removes 100% of dust and dirt, pollen, animal dander and other allergens from the home. Many models feature a self-cleaning filter, which never needs to be replaced and requires emptying only every 6 months or so.

Sales, Service and Installation of All Major Brands

Tonks’ Vacuum Services offers sales, service and installation of all major brands of central vacuums. Give us a call at (506) 459-8913 to learn more about the benefits of a central vacuum system or to book a service appointment.